Monday, March 9, 2015

Let Us Give You the Perfect Birthday Present

I still remember one of the best birthday presents that I ever received, a new outdoor adventure hydration backpack that my mom and dad gave me when I turned fourteen. I loved that thing. Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Range I became an avid hiker and spent more weekends getting lost in the mountains than anywhere else, and that pack always went with me. It was the perfect gift because it was exactly what I needed.

Me and my backpack back in 2008.
We here at Giftry want to help you create memorable birthdays and help you show how much you care for the special people in your life. That’s the whole idea behind our work, making it easier for you to find that perfect gift. And now all through the month of March we’re want to be the one’s giving those gifts. If you or someone you know has a birthday this month let us know by tagging them in our “Win a Free Gift” Facebook post and creating your own birthday giftry at or with the Giftry mobile app. Show us how important your birthday is to you by tagging your favorite birthday pictures with #giftrybirthday and at the end of the month one lucky winner will receive up to $50 of birthday presents from the team here at Giftry. We’re tired of letting you have all of the gift-giving fun.

We want to make this birthday a memorable one so let your friends know about our birthday giveaway because you never know how special a birthday present really can be.
Eight years later I still use this great gift all the time.


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