Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Gift Ideas for the Crafter in Your Life

These crafty gifts are for people who like to make things. The great thing about the ideas here is that not only do they make great gifts for the crafter in your life, but they also could be the perfect way for you to make some handmade gifts of your own.

With the holidays coming up quickly, this make-your-own wrapping paper kit from could see a lot of use. Use the included stamps and patterns to make any paper into homemade, patterned gift wrap!

While we’re talking about paper arts, here’s an especially cool idea: a map art kit. This kit comes with a fold out world map, templates, and a booklet to help get you started creatively charting whatever comes to mind. If the crafter you’re finding gifts for is a traveler, this one is obvious choice. Even if they aren't, making whimsical maps as art, for party invitations, or even (for the younger set) as a family activity to learn about geography could all be some fun ways to use this unique and creative gift. 

If paper arts tickle your fancy, or if you’re planning on making gifts using kits like the ones above, check this excellent post on the art of papercutting at the lovely UK-based blog Beak Up Crafts. You’ll find help getting started as well as some beautiful inspiration.

As someone who enjoys warm weather and green spaces, I found this next gift particularly exciting. It's a make your own terrarium kit! Just the thing to have if you live in an area with a snowy winter. This (frankly adorable) kit includes everything needed to build a tiny moss terrarium in a bottle.  

Speaking of winter weather, here’s a great idea to offset the cold, dry climate’s effect on skin. It’s a make-your-own hand scrub and lotion kit, with everything needed to make a lemon-honey scented hand scrub and lotion (which make great gifts themselves, actually). Other scents are also available; if you find a good one don’t forget to add it to one of your giftries!

Last is the most grown-up gift for today. This one is for the foodie or cocktail enthusiast in your life (for me, that’s me). This gin kit contains the ingredients and equipment needed to transform a bottle of vodka into a custom crafted gin. Make a drink with precisely the flavors you like, revitalize a favorite cocktail, or try unusual combinations. 

I hope these ideas are helpful in finding a great gift for the crafter(s) in your life! If you want more giftspiration, check out the wonderful www.studiodiy.com for some creative ideas and delicious recipes. 

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Happy gifting!


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